Love at first sight

At 28 weeks we’re now officially in the final trimester. Exciting, huh?

Last weekend we went shopping for baby stuff, and let me tell you, tiny humans are expensive. The baby monitor and thermal scanner (which the wife assures me we must have – the old mercury-filled stick-it-under-your-tongue and try not to chew thermometers no longer cut it) alone put me back a pretty penny.

And then there are bottles, diaper bins (yeah, I’m trying not to think about that yet), adorably tiny blankets and pillows and sheets, and a bunch of other stuff the wife and my sister put in the trolley, confident that my credit card will survive the expidition.

There’s even a vacuum attachment that is apparently used to remove mucus from the nasal cavities of the little ones who can’t blow into a handkerchief yet. It’s called a nasal aspirator or something, but I’m calling it the Snot-Vac 2000™. And you really do attach it to the vacuum cleaner – apparently infant snot is serious business. (Makes me really anxious about those diapers…)

This new adventure in our lives is becoming very real. But nothing yet has made it so real as what we saw yesterday.

We went for another ultrasound. This time it was not from any medical necessity, but pure curiosity. We wanted to confirm the sex (definitely a girl), but more importantly, we wanted to know what she looks like.

Technology really is amazing, isn’t it? When our mothers were expecting us, all they knew was that something was moving around inside them, and that was it. Everything, from whether it was a boy or a girl, to whether there were any serious defects was only revealed at the moment of birth.

And here we are today, with a little under three months still to go, and not only do we know it’s a girl, we know that she is healthy and developing normally. We know how tall she is and how much she weighs (just over 900 grams at this stage).

And thanks to the marvel of 3-dimensional sonar, we already have a pretty good idea how she looks.

3D sonar image of baby

I can’t wait to officially meet her.

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Up, up and away!

As this post appears on my site I am rising up into the air to start a new adventure.

Thirty hours from now I will land in the USA to meet some of the people with whom I’ve been working these past few months.

Exciting? You bet it is.

I’ve been abroad a couple of times, and I’ve visited a few neighbouring African countries, but this will be my first trans-Atlantic trip.

I can’t say I’m all that excited about the flying itself – 30 hours with a stranger sitting in my lap is not my idea of a fun time – but I’m excited about meeting my team. We communicate with each other daily via text, and once a week we have a video chat, but that’s not the same as spending time with someone in person. And now I get to see them all for a whole week!

I’ll post about my experiences soon. But in the meantime…

On Squishy, and other updates

I’ve been quiet, I know. It’s this new job, you see? I’m working hard. Harder than I should, in fact. But I’m enjoying it. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed any job this much.

That does freak me out just a little, as it’s not the career I chose for myself, or ever thought I would choose. But aside from a brief bout of imposter syndrome, I haven’t regretted my choice for a moment. I get to work with incredible people on something that makes a difference in the lives of many people.

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Some Christmas goodies

Some Christmas goodies

As I’ve said before, I enjoy giving people gifts for Christmas. There’s just something about finding that perfect gift for someone, and seeing their face light up when they open it. I like giving presents, but I also like getting them, and this year had a few good ones.

Grown-ups can’t play with Legos anymore. (Okay, we can, but people frown on it. Also, they’re so expensive I can never justify buying them for myself. I can’t wait till Squishy is old enough that I can buy him or her Legos so I can play with them.)

Lucky for me, my family has discovered Nano Blocks. They’re like Legos, but less than a quarter in size, meaning they’re way too delicate for clumsy kid fingers to play with. They’re adult toys…ahem…collectibles.

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