NaNaWriNo or NaNoWriGo?

NaNaWriNo or NaNoWriGo?

Until yesterday, my answer for this year was no. There have been some pretty big stuff going on in my life (that I will tell you about soon) and I just felt that doing NaNo on top of it would be pushing things a bit too far. Besides, I have only the vaguest idea of a plot, and October was so hectic there simply wasn’t time to work on an outline.

Then, somewhere between yesterday and today I decided, what the heck. What do I have to lose? Except my sanity and my sense of pride?


But if I win I’ll be that much closer to having a finished novel (again). I’ll have a 50% discount voucher for Scrivener. I’ll have the admiration of my friends and family. Strangers will stop me in the streets and ask for my autograph. Fans will camp out in front of my house in the hopes of glimpsing me as I pass by the window. Celebrities will tell their friends that they know me, even though we’ve never met. I’ll ascend to Mount Olympus and feast in the halls of Valhalla. I’ll…

I’ll stop now.

. . .

So, with only an hour to go before NaNo starts in my time zone, I declare that I’m going to write 50 000 words this November, or die trying (or at least severely embarrass myself in the process). I have no plot, my world-building is half done, some of my characters don’t even have names yet, but I’m going for it.NaNoWriMo Badge

Because you only live once.

Because sitting on fences is bad for your health.

Because writing is fun, and hard work, and awesome.

And because if you never write that novel, it will never get written, and the world needs more books.

I haven’t posted pictures of puppets for a while

Time to remedy that.

Puppets wear baby clothes, which are often more expensive than the the clothes I wear, so when we make puppets clothes are not included. Clothes also contribute greatly towards the character, so we prefer that their owners pick an outfit for their puppets that matches the character they’ve created. (Yes, I do actually hope that the people who buy my puppets take puppetry as seriously as I do. No, I don’t actually think that they do.)

We always ask that people send us a photo of the puppets once they are clothed, but they seldom oblige. This time around, I can show you a pic of the last two we made, fully clothed for a change:

Boy and girl puppets

Their new mom will use them to teach music to little kids, so naturally they are called Mini and Maestro. Cute, huh?

The daughter of friends of ours (technically the mother was my teacher back in primary school, but adulthood has this funny side effect of suddenly putting you on equal footing with people you’d have called “sir” or “ma’am” two decades ago) is studying to become a teacher. She needed a puppet for one of her classes, so she came to the experts. When she saw one of our grandpa puppets she immediately said she wanted one like that, and here he is…

Grandpa puppet

We never did find out how many marks she got for our hard work…

And the other two kiddies led to a referral which produced the sisters:

girl puppets

Why are all these puppets so pale? Beats me. We have a chest full of different colours cloth, and a fabric shop nearby where we can get many more colours, but these are the colours our customers picked. Some people just don’t have any imagination.

If you’re new to the show, you can click here to see some of our other puppets.

C.S. Lewis’ Advice to Students When Everything Seems in Ruins

I’m sharing this more for the sake of being able to find it again in future, as I reckon it will do me good to read this letter from time to time. Having just given up on failed studies and a failed career, having settled for what could be called second-best, C.S. Lewis’ Advice to Students When Everything Seems in Ruins seems very apt to me.

Technology killing off vital skills – Part 2

Two months ago I wrote a post commenting on an article in The Daily Mail Online on how the increase of technology is causing a decline in other, what some consider to be, vital skills. If you recall, I measured up pretty well with skills like map-reading and fire-starting, and aside from the potential need to perhaps Google how to make certain knots (like if, for example, I decide to actually become a pirate), I’d be quite able to survive without my smart phone.

You should know by now never to take any promise I make on this blog seriously, like the promise I made to tackle the second half of that list within the week. But let’s remedy that, shall we?

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